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Managing Your Subscription

FlowMapp uses the system of recurring payments for the subscription renewal.


  • You only pay for the time that you use FlowMapp.
  • Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of every subscription period (monthly or yearly). The charge takes place on the day when your subscription expires – the same day of the month that you started it. Example: if you subscribed on January 10th, your account will be renewed (or expired if you cancel the renewals) on February 10th.
  • If there are insufficient funds on your card (or some other issue with your card), there will be more automatical charge attempts in every 1 day for 4 times total. During these 4 days, your account and all projects will still be active to not interrupt your workflow.
  • If the charge doesn’t take place, your subscription is canceled after 2 days the last payment overdue notification and the account is expired.
  • If you downgrade your subscription plan, there is no immediate refund, instead, your unused paid time goes toward your next renewal/added licenses and the amount of your next charge will be smaller.
  • If you cancel your subscription it will be still active until your paid period is over.

Upgrade your plan:

Here you can upgrade your plan at any time, and you’ll only be charged a prorated amount. To upgrade:

  1. Log into your account,
  2. Click on your name at the top right corner, then click View Profile,
  3. Click Billing from the menu bar under your name,
  4. or

  5. Go to Update Plan at header menu,
  6. Choose your new plan and click Purchase subscription.


Downgrade your subscription:

  1. Log into your account,
  2. Click Update plan,
  3. Choose your new plan and click Purchase subscription.

Cancel your Subscription

  1. Log into your account,
  2. Click Update plan,
  3. Click Cancel subscription.

When the paid period is over, you can choose a free subscription.
Note: You may need to delete/archive projects in order to meet the 1 project quota on the Free plan.

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