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Add People

You can share your Sitemap, User Flow or Personas by inviting collaborators. All plans are able to add unlimited collaborators. Collaborators have the ability to:

  • Edit Description on the Page Cards,
  • Delete Page Cards,
  • Replace Page Cards,
  • Add/remove files,
  • Leave comments on Page Cards,
  • Create and change User Flow,
  • Export and Share Projects.

Collaborators cannot create, archivate or delete projects.

To add collaborators, go to your Project or to the Project List and click the avatar of the collaborators or  plus_white  icon (Add people) at the top left.

You can either enter an e-mail of a new user and click invite in pop-up window or start printing user’s name and then shortly you’ll be offered a list of the names similar to user names connected to your account earlier.

Invitation Email

Invited users will receive an e-mail with the link to project invitation.

First time they go to the website they end up on login page. After registration is complete, they’ll be given an access to the projects they got connected, as well as possibility to modify profile.

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