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Supported Platforms, Browsers and Devices

Supported Platforms

FlowMapp is predominantly browser-based software, which means it can be run on all full desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc), as well as Chrome OS.

Supported Browsers

FlowMapp supports the following desktop browsers*:

  • Chrome 49+
  • Firefox 51+
  • Safari 10.1+ (Apple — macOS)
  • Opera 55+

*We can not guarantee the service performance for all browser plug-ins.

Application performance depends on the size of the projects (number of Sitemap pages and User Flow items), as well as the number of browser tabs and applications open at a time.

Using FlowMapp on Mobile Devices

FlowMapp relies on web technologies that aren’t fully supported on mobile operating systems. We recommend using FlowMapp on devices that offer a full desktop operating system. This includes MacOS, Windows and ChromeOS.

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