Getting Started

Welcome to FlowMapp – UX planning Tool!

Easy to use visual tool for creating Sitemaps and User Flows in order to provide more efficient UX planning and web development. FlowMapp allows you to plan and design your digital experiences, together, in real-time and in one place.

FlowMapp will assist you with:

  • Create Sitemap and plan product structure.
  • Store and manage content, upload files.
  • Create User Flow.
  • Show your work using the share link feature.
  • Invite your team for powerful collaboration.
  • Export projects to external files (PDF, SVG, DOC or PNG).
  • Commenting on projects with colleagues and clients.

FlowMapp is built for the browser, so you can use it across any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook). No downloads or updates required.

Getting started with FlowMapp

  1. Make sure your browser is supported.
  2. Create a Free trial account or get an invitation from another user. Log in to FlowMapp.
  3. Check out Demo Project.
  4. Learn the basics by watching 2-minutes video.
  5. Check out all the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  6. Create your first project.
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