What to do if your FlowMapp doesn’t work properly

Since FlowMapp is predominantly browser-based software, please make sure you have the latest version of Browser and try the steps below – usually, it solves the problem:

  1. try to disable in-browser extensions, any translation or spell-checking software,
  2. try to login and repeat your actions with Incognito mode enabled,
  3. clear cookies,
  4. if possible, try to test the same using another computer or MAC.

This doesn’t help me

If the problem still persists – no worries, our Support is always ready to help you 🤓

Please contact us via support@flowmapp.com or using https://www.flowmapp.com/contact-us form.
In such request, please specify:

  • your OS?
  • what is your browser and it’s version?
  • what is your FlowMapp’s account email address?
  • Project id (the number in the URL),
  • customer token please (you can generate one in your account’s settings).
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