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Version 1.3

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Release notes: 2.1.3.


New Wireframe blocks added (forms, search, F.A.Q., pagination, company logos).


Now possible to move between Sitemap pages (both in page structure view and Wireframe Preview mode) from Project map.

Bug Fixes

  1. Adding a separate/footer page from Add Sitemap Page modal window in Userflow works correctly now,
  2. Fixed various issues with incorrectly displayed Text blocks for unwrapped from backups projects,
  3. Fixed problems for uploading xml’s bigger than 500 sitemap pages,
  4. Fixed the problem with broken page covers after opening the Create new page/Change page cover modal windows,
  5. Clicking on Page content section from Share link view now will not cause errors,
  6. Fixed subscription quota issues when downgrading from a Trial to a paid plan.