Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

Version 0.9

Release notes: 1.3.5


  • Separate (Header) pages.
    separate page

  • Share link settings (activate/deactivate).
    Share link toggle


  • Added ability to create duplicate and sibling of separate and footer pages at tree menu.
  • Added ability to drag and drop childless pages between any sections (main page included).
  • Project Page. Browser history doesn’t reset active state from the tool’s section tab.
  • Deleting unopened User Flow no longer redirects to project desktop.
  • Opened User Flow has an active visual state in the lists now.
  • Separate Pages are added to Sitemap PDF Export.
  • Project sections are closed by default (performance reasons).
  • Some UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when the user could not leave the project.
  • After transferring project users who are notinvited has been displayed.
  • Manager page:
    • Routing fix (system bug).
    • Project’s titles fix (unnecessary overflowing).
    • Download file button works well now.
  • Separate page creation at tree menu on User Flow page is fixed.
  • Focus reset by pressing the ALT key in Google Chrome, Windows is fixed.
  • Footer page order bug after creating a new page.
  • No more main page replacing using drag and drop.
  • Text wrapping bug at User Flow export that performs to browser freeze.
  • «User Flow not found» placeholder on share page is fixed to right one.
  • Incorrect entities index generation at Sitemap PDF Export.