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Release notes: 1.3.3


We have prepared one of several significant platform updates.

For providing the convenience of working with a large number of tools, we had to review Project structures. Earlier you just entered essential tool (Sitemap or User Flow) after opening the Project. But now — welcome to Project Desktop!
One place to manage everything: create new flows and sitemaps, edit Project name and description, the export and sharing functions are also available from this space.

Another good news — soon we will release User Personas, the development is nearing completion. Please stay tuned, will notify you about beta version.

We have big plans to expand the functionality of Project Desktop: Customer Journey Map, Project files manager, project tasks (task), design layouts, the ability to configure various integrations (Figma, Sketch) with your Projects and some other equally interesting improvements.

We hope you will appreciate these changes and improve the quality of your work with FlowMapp even more!


  • Project Desktop
  • Project Desktop


  • Disabled the ability to select Userflow for Export when there are no schemas,
  • Fixed view of the Userflow when one user deleted the last schema and another user created the first schema,
  • Teams. The choice of quota to add a project is always available,
  • Various UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug creating child pages in the sitemap footer,
  • Fixed a rare bug on the ball, when the page was frozen while clicking on an item,
  • Fixed files view attached to projects and not owned by the user in the file manager.