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Release notes: 1.3

Hey everybody! Many of you asked, so we prepared a huge FlowMapp update. Get your products ready!

Check these new features:


1. Increased speed of User Flow up to 10 times!
We have optimized the speed of working with User Flow and Sitemap.
Now you can easily work with schemes of any size.

Increased the speed of User Flow up to 10 times!

2. Figures resize
Resize shapes on User Flow. Stretch as you want and anything you want – pictures, figures.

Figures resize

3. Reduced the grid size by 4 times.
We have reduced the grid to build more compact schemes.

Reduced grid spacing

4. History
Added the ability to cancel the operation in increments of up to 30 events.
Perhaps one of the most popular features in the work with FlowMapp.



  • Updated the interface, lines are more contrast, now they will be clearly visible at any resolutions.
  • User Flow. New icons are added.
  • Activity. Added a button to make all articles «as read».
  • Sitemap & User Flow. We removed the scroll bars. Desktops usage: click and hold the left mouse button and drag or as before use Space.
  • The zoom interface and algorithm has been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Project info. Issue with uploading files and editing Project Descriptions by Collaborators.
  • Activity. Event without a name inside the activity section.
  • Activity. Added «Copy» of UF event.
  • Activity. Added «Rename» of UF event.
  • Sitemap. Wrong order in the Footer Pages section.
  • Export. Export to PDF covers bug.
  • Export. When opening the exported SVG file, the Sketch did not show the covers.
  • Export. When export User Flow connectors appear down.