Why I don’t see some features after updating FlowMapp 2.0.

We have been working on the update for a long time. For the development of the product we had to rebuild the entire architecture of the application, develop a new backend, a new frontend, databases etc.
We continue our work on releasing missing features so they can be added to the interface as soon as possible:

  • Share Links to Projects. You will have to re-create them,
  • Import from XML, Export to PDF/SVG/PNG had to be disabled for a while, we will return them back as soon as possible,
  • Project Backups. Now only unbackuping of old copies is available. Backups will return to the app in the next two months. As an alternative, you can use project duplication and archive,
  • CJM/Personas – as we announced in the spring, the tools have been removed from the application.
  • Custom Page covers. You can use only previously uploaded Page Covers. Creation and uploading of new ones are temporarily disabled.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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