Personas Setting boxes

The appearance of the Persona blocks is configured using Setting boxes.

Personas setting boxes

They are called up in several ways:

  • Using shortcuts CMD (Ctrl) + E.
  • Right click and select Edit item in the appeared box.
  • Click on the block and click Edit button at the bottom panel.

In the opened panel, you can see all the possible block settings, such as: font size and color, backgrounds, list types and other characteristics.

Setting box sections

Setting box sections are a set of block’s settings that includes sections.


Preview section

Preview — allows you to customize the preview of the Persona in the top toolbar and Personas selection list.


Image section

Image — allows you to upload any image to the background, adjust the display method and opacity settings.


background section

Background — allows you to customize the background of the block by selecting the appropriate option from the list: disable background, fill, vertical or horizontal gradient.


align section

Align — allows you to align tags relative to a block.


Name section

Name — allows you to set icon and its color, customize the color and size of the name.

Short info

Short info section

Short info — allows you to adjust the color of the parameter.


Location section

Location — allows you to select the right icon, change the color of the icon, and change the color of the text.


appearance section

Appearance – allows you to adjust the line color and opacity settings.


text section

Text — aligns text to the left, center, and right. You can change the color and size of the pin in the Text parameter settings.


Tag color section

Tags block – allows you to change the fill color of the tag.


Border section

Border – you can change the border border color settings and width as needed.


Bullets section

Bullets – you can choose the point type and change its color in the settings of this parameter.

Progress bar

Progress bar section

Progress bar – you can choose the type of progress bar: Dots, line, Star, Emoji, and it’s value depending on the selected type. You can also change the color of the selected bar in parameter setting.


Icon section

Icon – allows you to select an icon for the block from the list of existing ones, as well as customize the right color.


Line section

Line section – allows you to adjust the dashed line and pixel width settings.


direction section

Direction – allows you to define the horizontal or vertical position of the line (Devider block).

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