Custom Page Covers

Sometimes you can feel a lack of FlowMapp covers when designing the next amazing website.
Use the function for creating your own sets to enhance the capabilities of FlowMapp.

Download our cover set here: Sketch, Figma.
Perfect Cover size is 180 * 185 px or 360 * 370 px for retina displays. You can upload Page Covers in .jpg, .png or .svg formats.

Custom Page Covers are available only on paid subscription plans.

To create a cover set.

  1. Open a project
  2. Create a page
  3. In the modal window click Add New Cover Set,
  4. Create a Name for the Set,
  5. In the window that appears select the necessary covers,
  6. After uploading all the covers click Add page,
  7. The selected cover will be applied to the page.

Covers editing.

  1. Open the window with the downloaded covers,
  2. Select the required set,
  3. Hover on the required cover,
  4. Click on the   Custom Page Covers   icon to add cover tags,
  5. Click on the   Custom Page Covers   icon to edit cover’s name,
  6. Click on the   Custom Page Covers   icon to remove the selected cover.

Edit or Delete Cover Set:

  1. To delete a set of covers go to your personal account,
  2. Click the Project Settings tab,
  3. Select Custom Page Covers,
  4. Select the required set,
  5. Hover over the   more options   icon,
  6. Edit or Delete Cover set.

Adding (creating) covers in someone else’s project.

This feature is only available in Team and Agency plans. You must be part of the project owner’s team in order to upload your own covers for the project.

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